Nice numbers

Rendering “nice numbers” has been the subject of a few debates at Factmint over the last few weeks, as we expand our collection of data visualizations, so I thought I’d put some thoughts down… What’s a “nice number”? Well, that’s a difficult question; 1729 is a nice number but I am specifically talking about aesthetically […]

Tinting or lightening with CSS

The problem Consider the requirement that, on hover, an element’s background becomes lighter. The background could be an image or a colour. The ideal solution should allow a .tint-lighter (or .tint-darker, .tint-red, etc) class to be applied to any element. Possible solutions There are a number of use-cases for tinting with CSS and a number of ways […]

Shadow DOM: encapsulation for semantic markup

This article talks about Shadow DOM which (at the time of writing) is a W3C working draft and is only supported by Google Chrome and Firefox 30. There was a post on CSS-Tricks recently about SVG icons vs font icons. One of the criteria for judgement was semantics (is an <svg> or <img> tag better […]

JSON LD vs RDF/JSON (Alternative serialization)

I’d like to say that I am rarely opinionated about technology but that would be a barefaced lie. It is true, however, that I am rarely so opinionated that I motivate myself to write about it. This, unfortunately, is one of those occasions. On January the 16th the JSON-LD specification became a W3C recommendation. There was an […]

3D Rendering to SVG

I was on holiday last week, in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalusia, Spain. Some people like to read books on holiday, I undertake projects. So, as I was sitting by the pool, I developed a 3D rendering engine in Javascript. Each to their own, hey? I’d been thinking about this for a little while. […]

Filter Effects for Raphael

I’ve been working lately on an extension to Raphael.js which lets you quickly add Filter Effects – something which I’ve wanted to see in Raphael for a long time. I’m not going to do a big write up just yet but here’s an example of what’s on offer: You can find out about the project […]

Understanding the prototype property in a Javascript object

The prototypal nature of Javascript is both a common cause of confusion and a well documented topic. I’m not going to look at the basic theory here because it’s been done many times; if you are interested in the basics there is a very good document on MDN. Instead, I would like to outline a few […]

Force distribution bubble chart

For my company, FactMint, a big part of our software is building data visualizations automatically. One of the staple diagram types for visualization designers has always been bubble charts. They always seamed a little complex to build programatically, however, with one needing to to account for a non-overlapping, evenly distributed layout. Anyway, I finally took […]

Rationale for developing the Iugo one-way binding library

Recently I built a new Javascript library for binding objects to the DOM. It’s called Iugo and you can find it here: Now, clearly, there are other binding libraries out there, so I wanted to produce a quick post to summarize my thought process going into this project… I first started to think about this kind […]

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Contrary to the impression the huge "Chris Scott" title may have given you, I'm not an egomaniac. I just liked the font and couldn't think of anything more imaginative to say.

I am a passionate developer and an entrepreneur. My company, FactMint, produces Semantic Web applications for researchers and data-journalists. We cover everything from triplestores up to data visualization tools.

I have particular interests in JavaScript and SVG and that is, mainly, what I talk about here.

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